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I'm Jeff Venn, a life architect, business owner, and mentor to young entrepreneurs.

Many people will tell you where to go, what to do, and how to live, but there's a higher path and calling inside of you that only you can unearth.​


It's time to stop living by other people's scripts and expectations for your life and have your own awakening.


I've done this in my own life, taking a forward-thinking, progressive approach to building and running my businesses and how I build and run my days.

Sure, I’ve accomplished a few things on the outside:


  • Founder of Create Studios, a digital marketing agency

  • Founder of c o n v e r g e, a community for young entrepreneurs

  • Former Semi-Pro Surfer

  • Professional Musician

  • Fluent in Spanish


But I’m most proud of my successes on the inside. I’ve escaped the rat race. I’m rich in the things that matter most to me – control over my time, a fulfilling work-life balance, and the opportunity to inspire young entrepreneurs to dream bigger than they ever thought possible.


Life is a giant wheel of progress, improvement, and learning.


Now, let’s get moving.


Many people will tell you where to go, what to do, and how to live.


But there’s a higher path and calling inside of you that only you can unearth.


It’s time to stop living by other people’s scripts and expectations for your life and have your own awakening.

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My Personal Philosophy

I believe in both/and. People will try to tell you that life is either/or, full of trade-offs, difficult choices, and sacrificing one thing for the other...with a little ingenuity you can have both in most cases. 

I am here to tell you this simply isn’t true. You really can have it all.

It starts with you. It starts with movement. Move your body and move your mind. Never be afraid to think for yourself.

Life will try to push you into the mediocre middle. It’s continually testing you – are you willing to overcome the resistance and do something exceptional?

Always question the status quo, test the limits, try new normals, change the rules, be open to new experiences, and find your own way. Challenge every single societal script.

I believe self-mastery is the highest form of evolution. We are not done evolving. We are only just beginning.

Be the architect of your life. 

The past exists to inform the future, not predict it. Learn from your experiences, apply them to your present situation, and you’ll easily overcome whatever used to hold you down.

It has never been easier to learn something new, start a business, travel, and explore all the wonders life has to offer. It’s all at your fingertips. 

It’s time to stop thinking about the life you want and start moving towards the life you want. Ideas are nothing without action.

Let’s create the life that’s meant for only you.


Founded in 2005, Create Studios is a web design and digital marketing agency. Today a team full of forward-thinking, intelligent millennials run the show.

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c o n v e r g e is a community of Gen Z and Millennial entrepreneurs that comes together for events, adventures, and personal growth.

Three Books
that will change your life


The War of Art
How to overcome resistance and foster your self-discipline and creativity.




The Artist's Way

A helpful guide in uncovering and expressing your creativity.



The Great Courses 
A series of hundreds of college-level audio and video courses covering every topic imaginable.

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Speaker Sheet

These are a few of my favorite topics:

  1. Running a Thriving Business in Less than 40 Hours per Week

  2. Your Business Goals are Great, But You’re Really After a Feeling

  3. Seven Rules to Live By

Book me to speak.

As a veteran digital marketer, I can speak on everything from generating leads to content that converts. As the founder and owner of an agency, I can discuss important leadership topics involving culture, working remotely, and unifying your company around one wildly important goal. 


But my true passion is speaking on mindset – how we’re programmed to view life vs. how we can architect our life.  I inspire others to throw out the playbook they were given and write their own rules. 

Life doesn’t have to be predictable. It should be an adventure. And it’s up to you to make things happen.

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Be rich in time and energy.

Think like a shepherD, not a sheep.

We made up the rules, so we can break them.



Jeff Venn 
A resident of Jacksonville Beach 


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